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Scientific Illustrations, Web Design, Logo and Stationary Design

GIK Scientific is offering well-crafted display of information and art. We specialize in combining data with artistic design, whether for the use of personal, promotional, presentation or marketing materials. GIK Scientific specializes in design solutions for conferences, science and art publications, poster and brochure design, logo design, in creative presentation of promotional materials including design of business cards, stationary, invitations, etc.

Our goal is to help our clients to present their unique research, products and services in a simple, elegant and most memorable way.

Our Services

Graphic and file formats, color space, image resolution, font requirements and submission guidelines for different journals and various media can be cryptic, and the stress of deadlines can be overwhelming.

GIK Scientific will be happy to help - to bring figures or text in compliance with editors' and reviewers' notes, and to convert final manuscript and its parts to the standard formats - TIFF, PDF, DOC/DOCX, PPT/PPTX, and consult you and your peers.

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